Train The Trainer

  • Train the Trainer courses provide comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on adult learning principles, instructional design, and effective training techniques. Participants learn how to create engaging and impactful learning experiences that cater to different learning styles.
  • Through practical exercises and feedback, attendees gain confidence in their training abilities. They develop a deep understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement, leading to increased competence as trainers.
  • Train the Trainer program equips participants to handle diverse audiences with varying backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels. Trainers learn to adjust their approach and content to suit the unique needs of their learners.
  • By learning how to structure and deliver training effectively, trainers can maximize the impact of their sessions. They can foster a positive and engaging learning environment, resulting in better retention and application of knowledge by learners.

What You Take Away?

Upon completion of the Train the Trainer program, participants will gain the following valuable takeaways:

  1. Individualized Training Plans: Trainees will acquire the ability to design and craft personalized training plans based on learners’ needs, learning styles, and skill levels. They’ll learn how to tailor content and delivery to create impactful learning experiences.
  2. Customizing Workshops for Different Groups: Participants will be equipped with guidelines, strategies, and creative ideas to customize training workshops to suit the specific requirements of diverse audiences. This adaptability ensures effective training for various groups.
  3. The Training Facilitation Set: Trainees will have access to a comprehensive Training Facilitation Set, complete with workshop scripts and a wide range of experiential activities. This resource empowers trainers to create engaging and interactive training sessions.
  4. Certification as a Certified Facilitator: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate as a certified Facilitator, bolstering their credibility and recognizing their expertise in delivering impactful training.

Workshop Objectives

Our Aim @ Le Mentor Academy to equip participants of our train the Trainer Course with the essential skills and expertise to become exceptional trainers and facilitators. Our workshop objectives are carefully crafted to ensure a comprehensive and transformative learning experience:

By attending this workshop, you will be able to 

  • Understand Adult Learning Principles: Delve into the core principles of adult learning and gain insights into how adults absorb information most effectively. Learn how to tailor training methods to engage and empower learners of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Master Training Techniques: Acquire a versatile toolkit of training techniques, from interactive activities and simulations to role-plays and group discussions. Explore innovative approaches that foster engagement and enhance knowledge retention.

  • Create Effective Training Plans: Develop the ability to design comprehensive and structured training plans that align with specific learning objectives. Discover strategies for crafting dynamic content that drives impactful learning outcomes.

  • Elevating Presentation and Facilitation Skills: Hone your presentation and facilitation prowess, transforming your delivery style into one that captivates, motivates, and inspires participants. Embrace confidence and authenticity in front of any audience.

  • Adapting to Diverse Audiences: Embrace diversity and inclusivity in your training approach. Learn to adapt and customize content to resonate with various learning styles and cater to participants from different cultural backgrounds.

  • Handling Challenging Situations: Equip yourself with valuable techniques for managing challenging training scenarios. Build the skills to navigate difficult questions, foster a supportive atmosphere, and maintain focus during high-pressure situations.

  • Leveraging Training Aids and Technology: Harness the power of cutting-edge training aids and technology to enrich the learning experience. Embrace digital tools, multimedia resources, and virtual platforms to create engaging and immersive training sessions.

  • Providing Constructive Feedback: Develop the art of delivering constructive feedback that fosters growth and development in learners. Acquire strategies for nurturing a positive and supportive learning environment.

  • Evaluating Training Effectiveness: Learn to assess the impact of your training sessions and measure learner progress effectively. Use evaluation techniques to continuously enhance your training approach and maximize training outcomes


Le Mentor Train the Trainer Course is thoughtfully designed following the ADDIE model, a proven instructional design framework that ensures the effectiveness and success of our training program. Each phase of the ADDIE model is meticulously integrated to create a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for participants:

Analysis: The course begins with a thorough analysis of the participants’ needs and objectives. We assess the target audience, understand their existing skills and knowledge, and identify the specific training requirements. This analysis helps us tailor the course content to meet the unique needs of aspiring trainers.

Design: In the Design phase, we create a well-structured and engaging curriculum. We establish clear learning objectives, outline the course content, and identify the most suitable instructional strategies and methodologies. The design ensures that participants receive a seamless and coherent learning journey

Development: During this phase, our expert trainers develop all the necessary training materials and resources. From presentations and handouts to interactive activities and assessment tools, everything is crafted to facilitate an effective and interactive learning experience.

  1. Implementation: The Implementation phase is where the magic happens! Our skilled trainers conduct the Train the Trainer course, delivering engaging and informative sessions. Participants get hands-on practice, experience various training techniques, and gain valuable insights into successful facilitation.

  2. Evaluation: The final phase of the ADDIE model is Evaluation. We continuously assess the effectiveness of the Train the Trainer course through participant feedback, assessments, and post-course evaluations. This valuable feedback helps us refine and improve our training program to meet the ever-changing needs of aspiring trainers

Our Instructor

Dr. Hesham Ezzat, MBA, CPTD, PCC, Certified Master-in Training for Leadership Challenge
  • Hesham is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in both academic and corporate world, having spent over 20 years perfecting his skills. As a respected Leadership Lecturer at the esteemed post-graduate school of Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Hesham is committed to providing cutting-edge leadership development solutions to his clients. His passion for optimizing team performance has led him to specialize in executive coaching, leadership development, and performance improvement, earning him recognition as an expert in these fields throughout the Middle East region. With an unwavering dedication to the highest standards of training, Hesham has obtained accreditations from world-renowned institutions.

Hesham is holding the following credentials

  • MBA from, Cardiff University, UK
  • Certified Master-in-Training for Leadership Challenge (Wiley, USA)
  • Certified Leadership Practice Inventory® (LPI) Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Senior Practitioner Executive Coach (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Certified Gallup Manger
  • Certified Change Practitioner From (Prosci)
  • Certified professional in talent development (CPTD) from (ATD)
  • Maxwell Certified DISC consultant, John Maxwell Company (USA)
  • Certified leadership Trainer and coach John Maxwell Company (USA)
  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership trainer and Executive Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT (GLA360), Marshall Goldsmith (USA)
  • Certified leadership trainer and executive coach “John Mattone-Global, Inc (USA)
  • Professional instructor from American institute of professional studies “AIPS”
  • Dr. Hesham Ezzat, MBA, CPTD, PCC, Certified Master-in Training for Leadership Challenge
  • Drawing on a wealth of experience in senior leadership positions, Hesham brings a unique perspective to his work in leadership development and executive coaching. Hesham Could assists senior executives to drive results by aligning their “inner core” and “outer core” with their organization’s culture and their Organizational strategic goals., With a unique blend of talents and skills, Hesham provides efficient training, coaching, and consultancy services that lead to the highest standards of leadership excellence and management effectiveness.

Hesham has proven success recorded in providing leadership development solutions to top organizations in MENA region

Are you passionate about making a lasting impact through education and development? Do you dream of becoming a confident and influential trainer, inspiring learners to reach new heights? Want to acquire the essential skills and expertise to design and deliver exceptional training sessions?

Look no further! The Train the Trainer Course with Le Mentor Academy is the key to your success!