10 Golden Ps of Pharmaceutical
selling Excellence

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10 Golden Ps of Pharmaceutical 

Selling Excellence 

10 Golden Ps of Pharmaceutical Selling Excellence 

Le Mentor Academy is honored to introduce the “10 Golden Ps of Pharmaceutical Selling Excellence,” a comprehensive course designed to equip pharmaceutical sales representatives with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their roles. This course is designed with real cases and role plays, allowing participants to engage in practical, hands-on learning that is immediately applicable to their day-to-day work.
Through gamification and games-based learning, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice the key principles of pharmaceutical selling excellence in a fun and interactive way. The course is highly practical, allowing medical representatives to engage in multiple role plays for real case scenarios, giving them the chance to apply their learning in a safe and supportive environment. The Course course is built on more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sales industry. Le Mentor Academy’s trainers are seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the industry, having worked with leading pharmaceutical companies across the Middle East region.

Our comprehensive course is designed to cover all three phases of the sales call: pre-call analysis, the sales call, and post-call analysis.

In the pre-call analysis phase, participants will learn how to research and analyze their target healthcare professionals to better understand their needs, preferences, and potential objections.

During the sales call phase, participants will develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate the benefits, features, and risks of their pharmaceutical products. This includes learning effective presentation techniques, objection handling, and closing strategies.

In the post-call analysis phase, participants will learn how to evaluate the success of their sales call and make necessary adjustments for future interactions. This includes analyzing customer feedback, reviewing performance metrics, and adjusting their sales strategies accordingly

Our Expert Dr. Ezzat will take you on a journey through the ten essential pillars of pharmaceutical selling, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace

Training Methodology

Learning Objectives

This comprehensive pharmaceutical selling course aims to help medical representatives master the essential skills and strategies required for effective selling in the pharmaceutical industry. The course is designed to simulate real-life case scenarios that medical reps commonly face in their professional context, providing practical insights and relevant knowledge that they can apply to their roles immediately.

To make the learning process engaging and enjoyable, we have incorporated a range of interactive and innovative learning methods. These include simulations, case studies, problem-solving exercises, individual assignments, roleplays, controlled discussions, questionnaires, assessments, and gamified tasks that employ game-based learning. Our aim is to ensure that participants are actively engaged in the learning journey and can apply their newfound knowledge and skills to their daily work. One of the most valuable feedback we have received from participants is that they find our course to be highly practical and immediately applicable to their daily work. They have reported a significant improvement in their level of confidence in applying what they have learned in real-life situations.

Participants who attend this course will be able to:

  • Have general overview about how pharmaceutical sales industry looks like
    • Learn the major Job responsibilities of Pharmaceutical medical representative
  • Learn the  skills required to become medical rep of Influence.
  • Understand and apply the 10 Golden Ps of successful pharmaceutical sales call
  • Learn how to do prospection and identify real Doctors’ need and how to discover needs behind the needs
  • Learn how to deal with the daily market challenges especially that related to handling different types of doctors’ objections
  • Learn how to identify and deal effectively with the different four types of Doctors as per DISC Assessment
  • Learn how to upscale doctors on adoption ladder ( from ignorance to advocacy)
  • Learn How to use Supportive tools “brochures, clinical trials and other tools in effective manner
  • Learn how to close sales call in effective manner and maximize their share from doctors’ prescription

Course Content


  • The paradigm shifts in pharmaceuticals Sales concept
  • Success Triangle for Pharmaceutical salespersons
  • DISC assessment and 4 types of Doctors’ behavioral style

1st P: Power of Trust

  • Importance of Trust building for Pharmaceutical Sale Rep
  • Trust Formula
  • Neuroscience of Trust
  • 4 Components of Trust
  • Roleplay 1 on Budling Trust  

2nd P: Pre-call Analysis

  • Power of Feedback
  • Sources of collecting Feedback
  • Ben Duffy Technique
  • Potentiality & Loyalty Matrix
  • Setting SMART Goals for Sales Cal

3rd P: Probing

  • 8 steps of Resonant Opening
  • The 3 Elements of Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • The Art of Mirroring
  • Active listening techniques

4th P: Prospecting doctors’ Needs 

  • Importance of Asking right question
  • Open ended Questions Vs. Closed Ended Questions
  • Funnel technique
  • Roleplay 2 on Asking the right Questions  

5th P: Ping Need for Change

  • Decision Cycle
  • Spin Technique
  • Power of Insightful question
  • 3Ps Questions
  • Roleplay 3: 3Ps Techniques

6th P: Provide Solution

  • FAB Model of Provide Solution
  • The game of Feature and Benefits   
  • The Buying Motives of Different Style of Doctors as Per DISC”
  • Provide solution to Different Style of Doctors as Per DISC

7th P: Professional Handling Objections

  • Types of Doctors’ Objections 
  • BLAST Mosel of Doctors Objections
  • 4 Steps of Handling Objection
  • Shifting Anchor Technique
  • Role Play 5: Dealing with Satisfied with Other Product 
  • Role Play 6: Dealing with Price Claim

8th P: Put Commitment into Action

  • The 10 Types of Closing Deal and When to use each one
  • 8 Steps of Effective closing
  • Closing with Different Style of Doctors as Per DISC Assessment
  • Roleplay7: Closing with Dominant Doctors
  • Roleplay8: Closing with Concerned Doctors

9th P: Put Commitment into Action
10th P: Progress development  

  • Check list for Evaluating your sales Call
  • Joint Visit Do’s and Don’ts
  • Progress development Check list
  • AAR Techniques for Continuous development
  • Roleplay 9:  Complete Sales Call 1
  • Roleplay10: Complete Sales Call 2

At Le Mentor,
We strive to make the learning process fun

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