The Maxwell DISC Method
"Benchmark and Interview Process"

Interview with Impact

The Maxwell DISC Method of Benchmark and Interview

You hire the heart of your organization. Your team is your direct connection to the people you serve. You entrust your team with the precious responsibility of carrying your vision from paper to practice every day and our Maxwell Benchmarking program and Interview Report gives you the piece of mind that your vision will be carried in good hands 

The Maxwell Benchmark and Interview Report allows you to set the standard you want that role to live into in areas of strengths, communication, thinking style and more

Utilize Customized Interview Questions based on how close a candidate  is to the position’s benchmark. 

You’re not just assigning a title, you’re starting a transformation in your team and your organization!

Set the Benchmark for your Organization’s success with the Maxwell Benchmark and Interview Report.

The Maxwell DISC Method of Benchmark and Interview

There are three simple steps to the Maxwell Method Benchmark and Interview program.

First, we establish a benchmark for the role you are hiring for. This is accomplished by having between 1-3 people who are already successful in the role or have been successful in the role complete the questionnaire for the benchmark report. This take 20-30 minutes.

Then, new candidates who are being considered for the role, complete the questionnaire online.

Once each candidate completes the questionnaire, an Interview Impact Report is created and is sent to the interviewer. This report has questions that are specific to the candidate vs the benchmark to help the interviewer to see if they can close any gap between the candidate and the established benchmark.

It is a FOUR dimensional report. It looks at 1,440 points of comparison, of the candidate vs. the benchmark through the lens of 4 different assessments. DISC, Work Values, Team Styles, and a Behavioral attitude index. The first 6 or so pages of the report is what you will be utilizing. The rest of the report, is the data that created the interview section of the report.

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