LAEC Coaching Model

At Le Mentor Academy, our coaching model is designed to empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations and personal goals. Our experienced coaches work with you one-on-one to identify your strengths and areas of improvement, create a customized plan to achieve your goals, and provide ongoing support and accountability to ensure your success. Our coaching approach is built on the principles of empathy, trust, and open communication, allowing you to feel heard and understood as you navigate your career journey. Our coaches are experts in a variety of fields, from leadership development to career transitions, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each coaching session. Whether you’re seeking to advance your career, develop new skills, or achieve personal growth, our coaching model can help you unlock your full potential and reach your goals.

Just like a ship needs a map and compass to reach its destination, coaching sessions require careful planning to achieve meaningful results. As an executive coach, your role is to identify performance issues, skill gaps, and new roles that will help the employee navigate their career journey with confidence and success. By charting a clear course and providing the right guidance, you can help them overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and realize their full potential

One of the key principles of effective coaching is to empower the coachee to take the lead. As a coach, it’s important to create a safe and supportive environment that encourages the coachee to share their thoughts and ideas freely. It’s also important to allow the coachee to set the agenda and lead the conversation, as this gives them ownership of the coaching process and fosters a sense of accountability

Building a shared understanding of the issues is an essential step in effective coaching. As a coach, it’s important to actively listen and empathize with the coachee, gaining a deep understanding of their perspective and concerns. By asking clarifying questions and summarizing key points, you can ensure that you have a shared understanding of the issues at hand. It’s also important to encourage the coachee to share their thoughts and ideas, creating a safe and supportive environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves. By building a shared understanding of the issues, you can develop a collaborative approach to problem-solving and identify the best strategies for achieving the coachee’s goal

Reframing the issue is a powerful coaching technique that can help the coachee gain new insights and perspectives. As a coach, it’s important to challenge the coachee’s assumptions and beliefs, encouraging them to view the issue from a different angle. By asking powerful questions and offering alternative viewpoints, you can help the coachee see the issue in a new light and develop innovative solutions. Reframing the issue can also help the coachee build resilience and adaptability, as they learn to approach challenges with a growth mindset. By reframing the issue, you can help the coachee unlock their full potential and achieve their goals with confidence and creativity.

Closing with an action plan is a crucial step in effective coaching. As a coach, it’s important to summarize the key takeaways from the coaching session and work with the coachee to develop a concrete plan of action. This includes setting specific goals, identifying the steps needed to achieve those goals, and establishing timelines and accountability measures. By creating an action plan, you can ensure that the coachee has a clear roadmap for achieving their goals and can stay on track even after the coaching session ends. It’s also important to ensure that the coachee is committed to the action plan and feels empowered to take ownership of their development. By closing with an action plan, you can create a coaching relationship that is results-oriented and focused on achieving meaningful change

Follow-up is a critical component of effective coaching. As a coach, it’s important to check in with the coachee regularly to assess progress and offer ongoing support and guidance. This can be done through regular check-ins, progress reports, or additional coaching sessions as needed. By following up with the coachee, you can help them stay accountable to their goals and make any necessary adjustments to their action plan. It’s also important to celebrate successes and recognize achievements along the way, as this helps to maintain momentum and build confidence. Follow-up also allows the coach and coachee to build a strong and lasting coaching relationship that can support the coachee’s ongoing growth and development. By prioritizing follow-up, you can create a coaching experience that is impactful, supportive, and focused on achieving meaningful results

During the LAEC course, we take a comprehensive approach to coaching by utilizing various coaching frameworks in addition to the LAEC mode. These frameworks include the popular GROW model, the dynamic FUEL model, the practical STEPPA model, the empowering OSKAR model, and the innovative FUEL model

LAEC Comprehensive Modules

  • LAEC is intensive executive coaching program covers a wide range of essential competencies, including the 8 International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, the 8 European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC) Core Competencies, and the 12 Association for Coaching (AC) Core Competencies.

    Our program is carefully designed to connect these coaching competencies to the behaviors and skills necessary for success as a leader. With 9 modules, including an introductory module on executive coaching and 8 modules dedicated to the ICF coaching competencies, the LAEC program offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

    Over the course of 72 hours, including 60 hours of synchronous learning and 12 hours of asynchronous learning, you will gain valuable insights, engage in interactive exercises, and develop the practical skills needed to become a highly effective coach and leader. Join us on this transformative journey towards becoming a top-performing coach and leader.

  • Evaluation Of Leadership
  • Leadership Vs. Management
  • Developing Leadership Mindset
  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • ICF Global Coaching Study Findings
  • Introduction to Executive Coaching
  • Why there is increase in Demand for Executive Coaching in contemporary management context?
  • 1st Coaching Session
  • Code of Ethics
  • Maintains confidentiality with client information
  • Importance of Demonstrating personal integrity and honesty in interactions with clients, sponsors and relevant stakeholders
  • When to Refers clients to other support professionals, as appropriate
  • Importance of Using language appropriate and respectful to clients
  • 2nd Coaching Session
  • Explains what coaching is and is not
  • Reaches agreement about what is/isn’t appropriate in the relationship,
  • Explain the responsibilities of the client and relevant stakeholders
  • Determine client -coach compatibility
  • Reaches agreement about logistics, fees, scheduling, duration, termination, confidentiality
  • Establish coaching plan, goals and reconfirm what they want to accomplish
  • Gallup research of Admired Leader
  • Neuroscience of Trust “HBR Article”
  • Trust and Employee Engagement
  • Trust Formula
  • Coaching across Cultural Diversity
  • 3rd Coaching Session “Coaching for Trust Building”
  • How to remain Focus
  • 3types of Focus
  • Coaching through Emotional intelligence
  • Power of Silence
  • 4th Coaching Session “Coaching for developing Emotional intelligence”
  • Fight your tendency Towards Unconscious bias
  • The 4 Self-awareness Archetype “HBS”
  • Techniques of Elevating Awareness
  • Power of asking insightful Questions
  • Power of Reframing
  • Coaching Tool kit for powerful Reframing
  • Power of story Telling
  • How to use Leadership assessments for increasing self-Awareness
  • 5th Coaching Session “Coaching Demo Elevating awareness through Asking Insightful Questions”
  • 6th Coaching Session “Coaching Demo for Elevation awareness by Storytelling”
  • 7th Coaching Session “Coaching Demo using DISC Assessment”
  • 8th Coaching Session “Coaching Demo using LPI Assessment”
  • 9th Coaching Session “Coaching Demo using Johari window tool”
  • Importance of ACTIVE Listening
  • Developing Active Listening Competency
  • Marry Key Ash Case Study
  • Dr. Albert Mehrabian Research 
  • What Great Listener Actually Do? HBR Article
  • 10th  Coaching Session “Coaching Demo using Active listening questionnaire”
  • Promote self-discipline
  • Foster Growth Mindset
  • Failing Forward
  • Single loop Learning Vs. Double loop Learning
  • Rethink your to do List
  • Partner for Progress
  • Seize the learning moments
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Power of Intuition
  • Leadership development is self-development
  • 11th  Coaching Session “Coaching demo Promote self-discipline
  • Setting Smart Goal And Developing KPIs
  • Decision Making Process
  • Developing Alternative
  • Divergent Vs. Convergent Thinking
  • Idea Stimulator Techniques “Brainstorming Vs. NGT Vs. Delphi Technique Vs. 6 Thinking Hats 
  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Developing Action Plan
  • After action Review (AAR)
  • Power of Small wins And Celebrating Success
  • 12th  Coaching Session “Coaching demo Decision Making process

Our Facilitator

Dr. Hesham Ezzat, MBA, CPTD, PCC, Certified Master-in Training for Leadership Challenge
  • Hesham is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in both academic and corporate world, having spent over 20 years perfecting his skills. As a respected Leadership Lecturer at the esteemed post-graduate school of Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Hesham is committed to providing cutting-edge leadership development solutions to his clients. His passion for optimizing team performance has led him to specialize in executive coaching, leadership development, and performance improvement, earning him recognition as an expert in these fields throughout the Middle East region. With an unwavering dedication to the highest standards of training, Hesham has obtained accreditations from world-renowned institutions.

Hesham is holding the following credentials

  • MBA from, Cardiff University, UK
  • Certified Master-in-Training for Leadership Challenge (Wiley, USA)
  • Certified Leadership Practice Inventory® (LPI) Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Senior Practitioner Executive Coach (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Certified Gallup Manger
  • Certified Change Practitioner From (Prosci)
  • Certified professional in talent development (CPTD) from (ATD)
  • Maxwell Certified DISC consultant, John Maxwell Company (USA)
  • Certified leadership Trainer and coach John Maxwell Company (USA)
  • Certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership trainer and Executive Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT (GLA360), Marshall Goldsmith (USA)
  • Certified leadership trainer and executive coach “John Mattone-Global, Inc (USA)
  • Professional instructor from American institute of professional studies “AIPS”

Dr. Hesham Ezzat, MBA, CPTD, PCC, Certified Master-in Training for Leadership ChallengeDrawing on a wealth of experience in senior leadership positions, Hesham brings a unique perspective to his work in leadership development and executive coaching. Hesham Could assists senior executives to drive results by aligning their “inner core” and “outer core” with their organization’s culture and their Organizational strategic goals., With a unique blend of talents and skills, Hesham provides efficient training, coaching, and consultancy services that lead to the highest standards of leadership excellence and management effectiveness.

Join our Instructor Dr. Hesham Ezzat on a Guided Tour of Our Program Through Four Short Videos

Hesham has proven success recorded in providing leadership development solutions to top organizations in MENA region

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